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Digital Sociology Mini-Conference  (2017)
@ The Eastern Sociological Society

February 23-26, 2017
Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown

This year’s Digital Sociology Mini-Conference is co-organized by Jessie Daniels (Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) , Leslie Jones (University of Pennsylvania), and Rachel Durso (Washington College).

SHARING YOUR WORK. As part of the mini-conference, we encourage all participants to post their papers ahead of the conference to the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a subject repository for academic work. For the site, you need to register your own account and upload your paper directly. In case you’re not familiar, SSRN is a global, online repository of scholarly research in the social sciences. Here is a recent paper by Deborah Lupton at SSRN. By posting to SSRN, you (the author) retain copyright. Posting your paper to SSRN is not considered “prior publication” by journals or book publishers. For more, see their FAQ. We also encourage all participants to share their slides ahead of the conference, using this collective Slideshare account. When people post their work at SSRN or Slideshare, we’ll add links on the program page.

PANELS vs. ROUNDTABLES. For those who are new to the way US-based sociology conferences work, there are two types of sessions “panels” and “roundtables”. Panels are the conventional kind of didactic presentations in which a series of presenters lecture, or sadly read, their papers. (In the Digital Sociology Mini-Conference we would like to encourage a more informal and engaging style of presentation for those on panels rather than formal reading of papers.) In sessions marked ’roundtable’ the presenters and attendants at the session gather around a circular table and discuss the papers. These sessions are smaller and often more engaging than the regular panel presentations. In terms of audio-visual set up, panels presentations often include slides displayed on a screen, while roundtable discussions do not.

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